4 thoughts on “Plea from a child to the King of Belgium: Stop Child Euthanasia VIDEO by @CoalitionMD

  1. Re: to Patrick Verbist on 04/02/2014 ["NOBODY can be obliged to ‘undergo’ euhanasia"]
    According with public governmental data on the implementation of Euthanasia in Holland (and the same in Belgium), there are a lot of cases were the “procedure” was done as a routine by the doctors without any consent of adult patients. So what can you expect from an expanded version of the law including children?

  2. la loi en belgique n’impose a personne l’euthanasie, mais donne le droit de le faire si on veut.
    personne est obligé.

    • Et a quelle age est-ce-qu’on peut faire unchoix ainsi? UN enfant ne peut pas comprendre la mort. et ce que le bon doocteur a dit, c’est que meme les parents ne sachent pas leurs moyens, leurs posibilites, et ce qui va passer.

  3. With all due respect to this family and to the way they have overcome their problems, this plea is totally irrelevant. Euthanasia is NOT about letting children die if they suffer from a serious condition, but about giving the RIGHT (not the obligation) to the CHILD (not the parents) to end his/her life when experiencing insufferable pain. The law foresees MULTIPLE sessions between child and psychologists, and only if all psychologists and the parents agree that the child’s wish is well considered and the child is able to fully understand the consequences, can it be put into practice. The child is ALWAYS in the driver seat, so the phrase in this video ‘… she could have been euthanised” is totally FALSE and misleading. NOBODY can be obliged to ‘undergo’ euhanasia.

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