Poll: Canadians are opposed to physician-assisted suicide (PAS) and euthanasia due to of lack of health care

Forcing euthanasia in Quebec contravenes patient rights

The Québec government is now insisting that hospitals euthanize people promptly. The Québec government’s insistence that hospitals euthanize people in Palliative care units contradicts the medical code of conduct of…

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An act against the citizens of Quebec : Dr. Paul Saba explains – #Euthanasia #Bill52 #Quebec

Dr Paul Saba Discusses Euthanasia Law in Canada on Parliament Hill

Lack of Quality Medical Care Turns Patients to Seek Other Options Canada’s euthanasia law which passed on June 17, 2016 will cause may Canadians to die needlessly who have many…

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Quebec Patients and Physicians denounce euthanasia law due to medical errors, lack of services and lost lives

Date: Sunday July 10, 2016    Time: 10:30 AM   Place: Centre St-Pierre   1212, Panet Street, room 201, Montréal, (Qc) H2L 2Y7 Dr. Paul Saba, a Montreal family physician…

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Angus Reid Poll (April 1 2016) reveals that the majority of Canadians are opposed to physician-assisted suicide (PAS) and euthanasia because of lack of health care.

Canadians oppose PAS because: “the cost of a patient’s care is very expensive to the health care system (79%); “a person has no hope for the future and no meaning to their lives (69%); “a person has multiple health conditions and feels overwhelmed (64%); and “a person’s care appears to be a burden to their family (74%).” A slim majority of 55% are in favour of PAS “because Canadians are unable to get access to medical care to treat their pain and suffering.”

“This reveals that Canadians want good health care and not euthanasia as the solution for the lack of access to medical care”—states Dr. Paul Saba, a family physician. “Many Canadians wait a long time for: physicians, specialists, screening, testing and treatments. Canadians’ access to specialist and primary care is the lowest among 11 comparable countries.”

Dr. Peter Blusanovics is a family, palliative and hospice care physician in Montreal. In reaction to Bill C-14 he states “we must first have quality health care services including palliative care before going down the dead-end road of euthanasia or physician assisted suicide. When people have health challenges and feel lonely, they may want to die even when they have many quality years left to live. We must keep people from being isolated, abandoned and left alone. We need to give our fellow citizens better choices than a lethal injection. The priority of a caring society must always be to provide the best medical care and support for all.”

Presently the Canadian Federal Government contributes only 20 cents for each health care dollar spent on Canadians  compared to 50 cents during the early years of Medicare. According to the Canadian Cancer Society 4 in 10 Canadians will get cancer in their lifetime. Better screening and treatment can prevent and cure cancer.